A Rose Oak Acres Wedding
Saint James, Missouri

There is so much I could say about Austin and Madi, my experience with them was nothing short of a great time. These two found each other just last year and instantly knew their story started now. Being young doesn’t always mean you are making bad decisions, after meeting Austin and Madi, they knew exactly what they were doing! The two of them connect on such an amazing level, you would assume they’ve known each other for years. My favorite part of being a wedding photographer is getting to know the bride and grooms story, seeing how far they’ve come and where they are going.

It took me awhile to meet these two, between rain and snow, it seemed as if we were never going to have an engagement session! A few weeks before the wedding we were able to knock one out. I left that session SO excited to see them again, we were laughing and having great conversations. When June 24th came along, I knew I was going to leave that venue thinking “it was all worth it” and I DID! When I arrive I noticed some cloud coverage, which in Missouri either means its going to rain or just change its mind and go away, we got a little bit of both. During the grooms portraits we were surprised with a brief rain shower and some winds. There was talks of bringing the ceremony indoors but Madi said NO! I may say this a lot but.. everything happens for a reason and on this day.. it was meant to be, SERIOUSLY! The ceremony took place outdoors and we didn’t see another drop of rain the rest of the day.

I hope you enjoy Austin and Madi’s wedding day just as much as I did! You will see smiles, tears, and lots of laughs.

The last time I shot here was in the fall, it was so beautiful to see this venue during the summer!

The beginning of the day consisted of shooting details and the bridal party getting ready, but one of my favorite moments was the bride and groom interviews. I love being able to see the interview take place, to hear Austin and Madi talk about how they fell in love and seeing the joy as they shared memories. Check out their wedding trailer here!

“What first made me fall in love with Austin is that he’s very respectful, he’s very much a gentleman, his parents have raised him so well”

And let’s not forget the bridesmaids first look!!

Of course I have shot first looks in the past, ones with the groom and ones with the father. A siblings first look was a new one for me, but I HIGHLY suggest doing one!! My heart is so full looking at these..

I got to sit in on Austins interview, which beforehand Madi said he can be a little shy or quiet at first. Y’all that was not the case! Get this guy on the subject of Madi.. he will talk all day!

“I could sit in a rocking chair in 80 years and chat with you on the front porch”

Austin and Madi wanted to do something a little different than a first look. Along with all the other firsts for me during this wedding, their “First Touch” was another one! You could just feel the anticipation..
Madi had a small gift for Austin, which she gave him during the first touch!

The sky was covered with clouds showing no sign up sunshine. The ceremony began and not a drop of rain disturbed that! First up was the flower girls.. or flower grandmas?

Like I said before.. this wedding was full of firsts for me!!

Austin had his one idea for a unity ceremony.. after his vows the officiant said “Austin, I think you forgot something” and pulled out the two masks that were being tied back together. It was one mask that was cut in half so Austin and Madi could go into Six Flags together. As you can tell Madi loved that!

Mr. and Mrs DeRousse!!

Next up.. Speeches, Dances, Cakes, and more!!

Madi used to work at Super Smokers BBQ her brother as well!
Austin and his mom danced to a song written AND sang by his mom!

Now what you’ve all been waiting for (well.. I have anyways..) Bride and Groom PORTRAITS!! I honestly thought we weren’t going to get any sunset portraits. The sky was covered with clouds, we had gotten a little rain earlier in the day, there was no way. Mother nature had other plans for us because we got some gorgeous portraits, here are some of my favorites:

Had to get a picture with the cows, of course!
When the bride wants a silhouette, you give her a silhouette!

To end the evening after portraits, Austin and Madi sat in the middle of the room while their family and friends surrounded them in prayer.

As guests lined up for the glow stick exit, Austin and Madi enjoyed a private last dance. After they walked through all their family and friends they took off to enjoy the rest of the evening as HUSBAND AND WIFE!!

Thank you all for reading!


Huge shoutout to all these vendors! It was a pleasure working with everyone:

Venue | Rose Oak Acres
Coordinator | Coordinate with Kristen
Officiant and DJ | Josh Boyer
Videographer | Daniel Thompson Film and Photography
Florist | Bloomin’ Diehl’s Floral Boutique
Cake | Three fifty bakes
BBQ Food Truck | Super Smokers BBQ
Wedding Dress | David’s Bridal
Bridesmaid Dresses | AZAZIE

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