A Rose Oak Acres Wedding
Saint James, Missouri

November seventh was a beautiful day for the middle of fall in Missouri! We joked about how lucky Rj and Emma got with the weather. Most years we have gotten snow by this time or at least some temperatures below 60. I was excited for this wedding for many reasons, not only did I get to work with some amazing vendors, Rj and Emma are so wonderful to work with!

Rj and Emma met their freshman year of college, they love hunting and fishing together and the proposal even happened on a hunting trip! The best part about these two however, is how real they are with one another. I love hearing the groom express how excited he is that his wedding day is here! You know how sometimes you can just tell two people are going to be together forever? Emma and Rj, it’s that simple!

The florist arrived and began setting up the flowers, which were breathtaking if you haven’t already gathered that! I cannot rave enough about having real flowers at your wedding. It can make a huge difference, I am always for going the extra mile for some gorgeous photos.

Weddings are the perfect opportunity for meaningful moments, that may sounds a little cheesy but it’s true! See the red sparkly shoes? They have a little story behind them. When Emma was a little girl she loved The Wizard of Oz, she would sit in front of the TV with her red sparkly shoes on watching it over and over again. Mom got Emma these red shoes for her wedding day because of that memory, those are the stories I live for.

Emma’s bridesmaids consisted of her two sisters, Libby and Caroline, her childhood best friend Maggie, and of course her best friend Josie, who was also in charge of hair! Libby and Caroline are extremely talented when it comes to makeup, they took care of most of the ladies after dolling themselves up!

Rj had two of his best friends to stand beside him on his special day. Of course the guys are always ready first! As the ladies were finishing up I took the opportunity to see what the guys were up to.

I have to say, Rj was a very pleasant groom to work with! He was always willing to cooperate, even if he might not have been so into it. He went with the flow of things and honestly that always makes for some genuine photos.

After finishing up with the guys, I headed upstairs in the bridal suite to get some photos of the final touches. Everyone at Rose Oak Acres was so welcoming, I’ve been to a lot of different venues and I will say that I would love to visit this one again!

Emma wanted to do a first look with her dad, who was waiting patiently outside the bridal suite as she finished getting ready. After Dad got to see the beautiful bride it was time for Emma to see her Groom!

Rose Oak Acres had a cute little green house next to the Bridal suite, we took full advantage of that- First look location it is!! Emma prepared herself as she walked up to Rj who was facing the green house. Rj turned around with a big smile and said “You look beautiful” I would be lying if I should no one teared up at that moment.

Ceremony time was right around the corner, guests were arriving and taking their seats. Everyone was eagerly waiting for the ceremony to begin as we finished up a few portraits with the Bride and Groom and their bridal party. Now is when you will realize what I mean by you should always invest in real flowers for your wedding!

Can we just take a minute to admire how breathtaking Emma looked? Rj is beyond lucky!

Get the tissues ready.. the ceremony is about to begin!! Let me start off by saying any wedding that has a huge field behind the alter with cows coming up close is my kind of wedding!

Emma and Rj had written their vows earlier that morning, nervous yet so excited that the best day of their lives had finally arrived!! By the time the ceremony began, the sun was starting to set, which gave us that golden hour we oh so love.

With their best friends by their side, Rj and Emma because Husband and Wife!!

See I wasn’t lying about the cows!

I think by now it’s safe to say it is tradition to take some sunset portraits after the ceremony, right? We just had to take advantage!

Following the ceremony was the reception, which was catered by Los Arcos, a Mexican Restaurant in Rolla, MO (Aka Rj’s FAVORITE!) He may have been waiting for this all day, y’all!

To wrap up the evening of the Busse Wedding, some very special people gave speeches for the Bride and Groom. Rj’s father and Emma’s mother has some sentimental stories and thoughts to express while the best man and Maid of Honor shared memories of their childhood and their connection with Rj and Emma’s relationship.

So thankful for Emma and Rj, they made this such an amazing experience for me! I am beyond excited for them and wish then years and years of happiness and love! Congratulations Mr. and Mrs. Busse!!


Shoutout to these amazing vendors:

Wedding Venue: Rose Oak Acreshttps://www.facebook.com/Rose-Oak-Acres-LLC-Barn-Wedding-Venue-139977326668835 or https://www.roseoakacres.com/?fbclid=IwAR0avcYkgDdMgZMJ84v-E6423IP6KoMrcrdSV5my9OtpbNORjuJS0JSdm9k
Floral: Florissimohttps://www.facebook.com/florissimodesign/ or https://florissimodesign.com
Hair: Hair By Josie Dickeyhttps://www.facebook.com/Hair-by-Josie-Dickey-1702958553058708

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