A Gospel Light Baptist Church Wedding
Rogers, Arkansas

I have been waiting for this wedding for quite some time! My first time working with them was back in November of 2018 I believe, we did a quick family session together. I remember Matt being very quiet, but boy after a few other sessions I definitely got to know him! I worked with Matt and Haylee February of 2019 for a Valentine’s Day shoot, then in June for their ENGAGEMENT session!!

These two met at Lowe’s while working, so it was only fitting to go there for one of our locations. One of my favorite parts about engagement sessions is when the locations have meaning or sentimental value for better term. Now our second location is a different story, we walked a good 30 minutes to a cliff at The Devil’s Den, let me tell you that was my exercise for a WEEK! I promise you it was SO worth it – You can check out their engagement blog here if you don’t believe me!

The Dossett Wedding took place in May, which meant it was in the midst of a Pandemic! Something none of us expected, which also meant some changes had to be made. The Bride and Groom were only allowed a limited amount of people, but thanks to Facebook Lives, family and friends from a far were able to experience this special moment with Matt and Haylee. The church did an amazing job making sure these two had everything they need during these crazy times. Haylee and Matt actually attend Gospel Light Baptist Church so it was even more special for their wedding.

One of my favorite parts of my job is capturing emotion, whether it be smiles and laughter, or tears of joy or sadness. Some of Haylees family live in Florida, which unfortunately meant they couldn’t make the wedding. While getting ready her brother called to wish her luck and couldn’t wait to see how beautiful she looked.

The ceremony didn’t begin until 5 o’ clock, but Haylee was ready to go!! Waiting is the hardest part..

Haylee’s son Dominic walked her down the aisle, is that not the sweetest thing ever?

Remember when I said I loved capturing emotion?

Everyones favorite part after the ceremony, CAKE!!

This was most definitely a fun group to work with, everyone always joking around with each other and here for a good time! That is what I look forward to most.

The Groomsmen are always the first ones ready, so we took advantage of that and snuck in some portraits! Of course I had to let them do some requested poses..

And the best part of the day, BRIDE AND GROOM PORTRAITS!!

…and some fun ones..

That is a wrap for The Dossett Wedding!! Congratulations Mr. and Mrs. Dossett, I cannot wait to work with you for years to come as a family, you deserve the best!! Best Wishes,



Venue: Gospel Light Baptist Church

  1. Dawn Dossett says:


    You did an amazing job! I will refer you to everyone I know! Thank you for capturing this special day for our family!

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