Hollee Ulbrich | Rolla High School Senior 2020

The end of senior year is vastly approaching, maybe even sooner with the coronavirus going around!! The last weekend of February my mom and sister came down to Arkansas to visit me. Of course we had to take Hollee’s senior pictures, right? Fayetteville has so many location opportunity unlike Rolla, Missouri. Having a photographer as a sister means you are always the guinea pig! This also means you run out of new locations in your small hometown, so when your sister moves to a bigger town, you take advantage of that!

Hollee is a senior at Rolla High School in Rolla, MO. She is a senior captain on the varsity cheer team and has been cheering since kindergarten! As a freshman she was chosen for the varsity team. I remember the day she got her letter, she was so nervous to read if she made the cheer team. Not only that, but there was a possibility she could have been chosen for varsity as a freshman. Of course the letter gave her the best news ever, she was basically crying. We celebrated at Applebees that day!

Her whole life has been all about cheer, even before she started. During her cheer career she has won All-American TWICE! She was the first eighth grader from Rolla to win All-American, then she won it again her senior year. Not too brag but dontcha wish your sister could cheer like mine?

When we were younger, I’m not gonna lie, Hollee was pretty annoying!! We are 6 years apart so you could image the things we got into. She always wanted to be involved in everything I did, especially when it involved my friends. I always made her play school with me, and let’s be honest, I gave her homework and some pretty hard classwork! (That’s why she’s so smart now, right?)

I believe by the age of 13 she was finally at the age where we could be best friends rather than an annoying sibling! Ever since she was an itty bitty baby I made her do things with me (Whether she liked it or not!) I’ve always tried my best to give her advice when she needed it, since I had been through almost everything she was going through. She might not always agree with my advice, but I give it to her anyways.

Hollee Ann, where do I start with this child! She is smart, funny, sassy, full of attitude, and she always knows what she wants. She has always been determined to reach her goals, and get what she wants. I can’t describe how amazing it is to have a little sister that is also your best friend! We gossip, make jokes, and always have each others backs. We might be six years apart but we’ve reach that age where it is just a number.

One thing Hollee has always been better at than me is fashion! I’m good with a T-shirt, jeans, and converse, but Hollee? She has the whole 9 yards!! (That’s why when I visit I shop her closet, because why do I need to pack cute clothes when she has some?) She has always been this way from day one. When she was in preschool she had a pink pair of baby high heels that she LOVED! She had to wear them almost every day. I could probably talk about some pretty embarrassing stories from our childhood, but I’ll be nice!

I couldn’t be more proud of Hollee, she is following in my foot steps and attending Drury University in the fall! Her plans are to be a teacher, which is fitting since as kids we were always playing school. Whether is be with each other or our stuffed animals as students! I know she will achieve so much in life, she might be the baby of the family but she isn’t a baby anymore!!

Joining us for Hollee’s senior session was her boyfriend Kolten. He has been very supportive, and I approve of him, so I guess he is a keeper!

Love you Little Red,



February 29, 2020

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