The Fischer Wedding | Siloam Springs, Arkansas

They say rain on your wedding day means good luck, so I guess that means Anthony and Micalena got pretty lucky! September can be pretty unpredictable when it comes to the weather. There was a mixture of rain and sunshine on the Fischer wedding day but that didn’t stop the family from celebrating. It was a tight space getting ready, the bride was eager to see her groom and her bridesmaids were ready to see her! The size of a wedding never matters, the most important thing is the love being celebrated. Micalena’s mother put lots of time and effort into her decorations, flowers, and anything she could do to make her daughters wedding perfect.

Micalena is actually one of my best friends sisters so, it was pretty awesome to be apart of the wedding. These two really incorporated everything they love into their wedding, they made it what they wanted! Family and Friends gather in the ceremony area waiting for it to begin. I believe that it doesn’t matter how many people fill the room, what really matters is who is in it!

One of my favorite parts of the wedding day is the bride walking down the aisle, seeing everyone’s reactions, even the brides! Every couples has their own special way of reading vows. Some stick with the traditional vows whole others come up with their own. Hearing the Bride and Groom express their love and feelings makes my heart so happy. Micalena’s daughter joined her on stage as she read her vows, seriously how precious!

I wish these two the best of luck! Marriage is a beautiful thing. Anthony and Micalena made this day the best! Between the laughs with friends and the tears of joy, I am so thankful to know this family and to have the opportunity to photograph these two becoming one. Congratulations Mr. and Mrs. Fischer!


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