A St. Anthony’s on the Creek Wedding
Lowell, Arkansas

Ah, The Quick Wedding. Chris and Allie were such a delight to work with. Allie knew exactly what she wanted out of her wedding day, she was confident and I loved that about her. Chris was a go with the flow kind of guy, which made the whole process simply and smooth. I began working with these two back in March of 2019, Allie and I met up at Starbucks to have a small chat and get to know each other. We connected instantly which is something I always look for in my brides. I got to meet Chris during their engagement session in May, let me tell you that was an interesting one. It was my first time doing a morning engagement session, and along with that we had a tornado watch! It was a race against the rain.

Chris and Allie’s wedding day was gorgeous! October really surprised us with some great weather. It wasn’t too hot and it wasn’t even close to being too cold. When I arrived at the venue Allie had all her details ready for me to photography (thanks girl!) The day of nerves were kicking in, but excitement was definitely in the air! She had the most hopefully bridesmaids by her side, they made sure everything went the way she wanted it to on her big day.

One of my favorite parts about shooting details is that most of the time the bride has a piece that is very sentimental to her. This bride had a necklace that was her grandmothers, she had her mother put it on for her.

I love a good group of groomsmen, ones that are just having a great time, joking around, and making the best out of the day! Chris and his boys made portraits a breeze.

When you first meet Chris and Ally, you can just tell they are perfect for each other. They enjoy the typical hobbies such as watching Netflix together, but they also enjoy the outdoors! They communicate with each other very well and connect perfectly.

St. Anthony’s on the Creek was a gorgeous venue! Fall was the best time of year for it, great weather, beautiful colors. Walking from place to place was very minimal which made it easy to go back and forth. The reception area was spacious and the ceremony was quiet and perfect for a small family wedding.

One of my favorite parts of the wedding is the Bride walking down the aisle. All the guests get to see her for the first time and the groom if there wasn’t a first look. I enjoy seeing everyone’s faces, the tears of joy and smiles. Of course the best part is seeing the groom watch his wife walk down the aisle and the bride seeing her husband light up as she enters the room.

Let’s not forget the cuties walking down the aisle first!

The Quick Wedding was actually on national taco day! Guess what we got to have for dinner that evening? TACOS!! What better way to celebrate National Taco Day and these two becoming one?! It is so nice to see my couples surrounded by so many loves ones celebrating their marriage.

Seeing the bride and her father dance, the bride and groom share their first dance as husband and wife, and the groom sharing a dance with his mother, those are the moments I realize why I love my job so much!

Now for my all time favorite part, Bride and Groom Portraits!!

What better way to end this amazing night with some amazing friends..

Congratulations Mr. and Mrs. Quick

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