A Devil’s Den and Lowes Engagement Session

I remember the first photoshoot I had with Haylee and Matt! I was just starting to put myself out there to the public and Haylee reached out to me for a family session. At this time I didn’t have my nice, new camera, just my old one from 2016. I met Haylee through out friend Carina, and I’m so glad we did! Haylee and Matt are so much fun to work with, every photoshoot just went so smooth. There was so stress no nerves, just a good ole time.

When Matt + Haylee got engaged, I was EXCITED! Haylee knew where she wanted to take her engagement photos at right away. These two met while working at Lowe’s together, so what better place to take photos at? I love when session locations have meaning to the couple, it makes everything that much more special! The toliet photo was all Matt’s idea, I mean you gotta let the guy have a little fun right?

Matt proposed to Haylee while on a trip together in Florida, how awesome would it be to get engaged on a beach y’all?! Jealous!

I love these two together, Matt is always joking around and Haylee will just give him that look. You can really feel the love though, and that’s what makes them so perfect! I forsee many happy years for these two.

Each wedding package comes with a compilmentary engagement session, with that, I allow the couples to have two outfits and two locations (generally a causual session and a more formal one!) Unfortunately after our first casual session, the storm rolled in and we weren’t able to go to our second location the same day!

Can we talk about how much rain we got at the beginning of the summer?!

Devil’s Den State Park was our second location. Why, you ask? Devil’s Den was where Matt + Haylee had their first offical date!! I had discovered this cliff at Devil’s Den after doing some research, I showed Haylee and her and Matt knew where it was! I had only been here once before and that was over a year ago, so needless to say these two were my tour guides the whole session.

Y’all, this place was SO GORGEOUS! The lighting was beautiufl, but the walking was not my favorite part. We definitely got our workout in that evening, let me tell you. I was sore the rest of the week! I guess I need to get in better shape.

May of 2020 might be a ways away but I am pumped for The Dossett Wedding!! Congratulations Matt + Haylee!!

One of my favorite locations!!



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