Diary of a Land Surveyors Wife

I’ve been debating making a blog post about it, mainly because I wasn’t sure if anyone would read it, or if it was just a way for me to vent per say. Here I am though, writing a blog post about what it was like being a land surveyors wife. This might be long, but maybe I’ll keep it short just for my readers sake. Where should I begin? Maybe when my boyfriend at the time said he got a job that involved him being on the road. Um, what? We already lived four hours away from each other and he wanted to travel?! My mind went wild, honestly I was mad at first. Eventually I got over it and realized this was an amazing opportunity for him! Dakota would learn so much, he would get to SEE so much! How could I be mad at something like that? I couldn’t. This was back in 2015, when we were only 19! Well actually, 18, we hadn’t even turned 19 yet.

The first year Dakota was a land surveyor we lived four hours apart, I lived in Missouri working full time, going to school full time, and running a youth cheerleading program full time. Dakota lived in Oklahoma, but he was gone more than he was home. It made sense for him to be on the road and make money, we hardly seen each other anyways. Eventually we grew tired of only seeing each other once a month or once every two months, so we moved to Fayetteville!

We had a hard time finding a place at first, but luckily Dakotas boss was able to help us. Let me tell you, we were EXCTIED! This was our first time moving in together!! We lived in downtown Fayetteville, I went to the University of Arkansas (just for a semester though.. that campus life just wasn’t for me Y’all) This time in our life was… weird, I guess you could say. It was the first time I had ever lived in a different state than my mom and I was alone, A LOT. Dakota would be gone for weeks at a time, once he was gone for a whole month. People always asked me, do you miss him? How do you handle it? Well yeah, I missed him, so much! I was used to it, we lived four hours away, so living together as he traveled, didn’t bother me. I tried to keep myself busy.

I never thought about going to work with Dakota, I always thought that wasn’t a thing. One time I finally went, it was actually when Dakota was still a Rods man, which meant he was working with someone, rather than being solo. It was exciting to see him working, to see him use all this equipment that was foreign to me. He seemed excited to be able to tell me and teach me all the things he was doing! The first time I actually ever left the state with him, was when we went to OKC. Which really, I drove up there after school, it was my spring break and I wanted to see my boyfriend. It was the summer of 2017, I want to say it was May, just before we moved to California.

I won’t bore you with all those details, but it was fun to think I was traveling with him. It got me out into the world rather than being cooped up in our studio apartment watching America’s Next Top Model all day! The summer of 2017 was a huge change for us, we took a trip to California, we were literally gone an entire month. We got married June 16th, and left that next week, we got back the middle of July. This was the biggest trip I had ever been on Y’all!! I got to experience staying in hotels and eating out 24/7. The work days were a bit boring but I tried to make the best of it.

Now that all that is out of the way, here comes that sappy ending, which I’m sorry for but here it is! Being a Land Surveyor’s wife was amazing, whenever I got the chance to travel with my husband it was always a great experience. I had been to so many places, I have a magnet for every state I got to visit, my fridge is filled with them. Traveling with him allowed me to spend time with Dakota, we got to bond and experience the world together. We saw Mount Rushmore, I got to see the packers stadium, and we even got to see some of our family. We experience crazy people, and nice people, thankfully. The times when I was at home and Dakota was traveling were tough, not going to lie. I missed him like crazy, I was four hours from my family, I slept alone every night and woke up alone. Dakota called me all the time, snapchatted me, but it didn’t change the fact he was anywhere from 10 hours to 22 hours away from home. If we fought it was hard, because we could only text or call, not hug or kiss to make it all better.

Then things changed. Our whole world changed. Dakota had to change jobs and I needed to get a job. I wasn’t ready for change because my life had been the same for almost four years. My husband traveled, that is just what he did, he was gone WAY more than he was home, that was our life. Now it’s not. My husband is home everyday, we go to bed together and wake up together. Dakota and I get to spend the weekends with family and have fun. We get to do what we want without worrying about if he will be home or not. This is a thank you to his old company. Thank you for experience, the life lessons, the weeks I spent away from my husband, the birthday parties he missed out on and my birthdays he missed each year. Thank you for giving us the chance to explore the states we never thought we would go to and the places we’ve lived. I never thought I would live in California, and I never want to again, but I got to experience it. My life has changed, and I am thankful for that. Everyone needs a little change in their life, at first I hated it, I thought it was bad. But now? It’s not. We’re okay, our lives are okay. Thank you for everything, all the good times and the bad. I am no longer a land surveyors wife, and I am okay with that.

xoxo, Hannah

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    That was wonderful a life journey

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