Missouri Science & Technology Senior | Bryan Foskey

I’ve known Bryan for 5 years now, our friends and I actually call him by his last name, Foskey! We met my senior year of high school back in 2014, he was a junior, and now he’s graduating college!! How crazy is that?! Bryan was always so dedicated to getting his work done, not only on time but making sure everything was done right. If he wasn’t at school, I swear this boy was at work. All his hard work has paid off, he will be graduating with a degree in Electrical Engineering. Missouri Science and Technology is located in Rolla, Missouri and is the 3rd best engineering college according to USA Today.

Luckily, the weekend we did Bryan’s photoshoot, it didn’t rain! Of course it was supposed to, but the sun decided to come out instead. Our sweet friend Sarah joined us along our journey as well. Sarah has been friends with us since my senior year as well. The MS&T Campus isn’t very small, and let me tell you when I say we got a workout in, I’m not kidding! The three of us parked on Pine Street, which if you aren’t from Rolla, Pine Street is where everything goes on, parades, festivals, all of the above.

Our walk continued throughout the campus and led us to one of the underground tunnels! There are a couple of these tunnels, and they have paintings in them which are pretty cool to look at. This saturday was also registration day for the freshmen (or something like that..) so there tons of high school seniors and their parents walking around! As we got to the other side of the campus, Bryan took some photos in his cap and gown. This directed a lot of attention towards us and Bryan got a couple “Congratulations” from parents!

We ended our session at Bryan’s Frat house, we definitely got our steps in this day, especially Sarah and I! Bryan has had a long journey these passed four years but it is all worth it in the end. Foskey, I wish you the best with your new career and I hope you enjoy being a college graduate!! Rolla is sure going to miss you.



April 6, 2019

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