Grove, Oklahoma | Taylor + Haeden

Dakota and I left Missouri at 6am Sunday morning to make it to Oklahoma on time for our session with Taylor and Haeden. The sun was bright and the weather was surprisingly pleasant! We arrived at our location, and Haeden came out with his toy dinosaur. Haeden had said he was joining us today, so we had to get at least one photo with him! Haeden was so good, he posed with Taylor and didn’t put up a fight. I would tell him to “show me your smile!” and he would cheese real big with his teeth. I have to say, he is probably one of the easiest toddlers I’ve worked with!

We were right by a willow tree, which unfortunately wasn’t at it’s prettiest but it sure helped provide great lighting! Haeden was pretty interested in the parts hanging down, so we let him investigate a little bit. Gotta let the little guy have a little fun, right? Our location area was actually quite beautiful! Once summer rolls around it will look even better, hopefully we get the chance to shoot here again.

Taylor and I have recently became closer friends, which I am so thankful for. She has such a kind heart and will do anything for her sweet boy. Taylor is not only an amazing mother but also an amazing friend. Have you seen her makeup? Holy moly, GORGEOUS!! Taylor actually did my makeup for my wedding, fun fact for ya. These two seriously deserve the best of the best. I am so thankful to be apart of their lives.




March 17, 2019

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