Lions Club Park | Josie Dickey

The beginning of March I did a giveaway with two winners. I had just gotten my new camera and I needed some sessions to test it out. Josie was one of my lucky winners!! So I took a trip up to Rolla, Missouri so we could meet up for her session. My best friend, Shian,  tagged along to help me. We decided to check out Little Prairie Lake because it tends to be a private area, unfortunately though it was super windy, which made it chilly outside. Shian and I thought of all the other options we could choose from until we decided on Lions Club Park! Lions Club Park is one of the biggest parks in Rolla, and school was in session so we had a lot of places to choose from.

Before the session I grabbed some gold glitter, green flowers, and cut out some shamrocks with my cricut, because after all, Josie wanted to do a St. Pats themed photoshoot. For those that don’t know, St. Pat is a huge deal in Rolla, Missouri, and I mean HUGE deal! I remember being in high school and the college students would celebrate it all week. Sometimes you would drive by a house with a group of people sitting outside with a sign that would say ‘Honk and we’ll drink!’  Y’all its is wild! #DMSP

This was my first time meeting Josie, but we had went to school together!! I have to say I was pretty excited when she was one of the winners, she seemed like a fun person to meet and get to know. Josie is a hairstylist and let me tell you, she is AWESOME! If you are in the Rolla area and are looking to get your hair done, Josie is your girl. You will not be disappointed, I promise.

Josie was so fun to work with, she kept saying she was awkward, but I couldn’t even tell!! She was up for anything, especially my glitter ideas. Everyone knows glitter gets everywhere, so when she was okay with my idea I was pretty excited. She showed up in her white Jeep, which was used most of the photoshoot, and that definitely worked in our favor. Honestly, I hardly had to tell her what to do, she just went with the flow and it was perfect. The wind was blowing our hair everywhere, but we made it work, as you can tell!



March 15, 2019

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