Veterans Memorial Park | The Mehling Family

I want to start off by saying how thankful I am for Sarah and Justin, not only did we do a quick family session but Sarah got in here wedding dress Y’all so I could do a quick styled shoot!! I made a quick bouquet and she got Justin and tie and everything, pictures will definitely be coming soon. Thursday actually started out pretty decent, not too cold but not nearly as nice as we wanted it to be. Time our session rolled around the wind picked up but we toughed it out.

I’ve personally known Sarah since 2013, we met my senior year and her junior year. I graduated with Justin so you can say we are all pretty great friends. Sarah and Justin lived in North Carolina for a short while, so we never got to see each other much. I knew I was going to be in Rolla for about a week so Sarah and I decided we just had to hang out. I am so glad we did, it was so nice being able to see this sweet family again. Scarlet is just getting so big!!

We might have had to bribe Scarlet with a girl scout cookie and to keep her distracted with the birds that were around, but we got some cute pictures with her in a good mood! The best part of this session was Scarlet seeing the birds and saying “Look Chickens” it had to have been the funniest thing. At first I was just like oh yeah chickens! Then I realized she was seeing small birds in the grass! Justin kept saying “Look at the chickens!” and Scarlet would point towards the camera and say “Chickens!” It was so sweet the little things she would notice and say.

During our styled wedding shoot shortly before this session, she kept saying “Flowers” which then she let her hold the bouquet of course! Cars would pass by and she would tell us when there was a car, it is so crazy to see her go from a small baby to a toddler speaking!!

The last time I had taken pictures of Justin and Sarah was back in 2015 when I had first started taking pictures! I hardly knew anything about posing, let alone my camera. Justin and Sarah had just gotten married I believe, or were about too. With our crazy schedules and living in different states, it was nearly impossible to get together for another photoshoot.

We finally did it though, and I am SO thankful!! We may have gotten just a little cold, but we made it through. I didn’t anticipate there being snow, which made the ground wet and muddy. Luckily Veterans Memorial Park in Rolla, Missouri has a lovely sidewalk that helped us out. Especially Sarah with her gorgeous heals. Y’all see this outfit she is rocking?! She could not have done better.

Huge shoutout to The Mehling Family, I love you guys!!



February 21, 2019

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