Downtown Fayetteville | Matt + Haylee

Sunday I got the opportunity to work with Matt and Haylee again. We did a family photoshoot back in November, I was so excited when Haylee reached out to me to do another shoot! Last time we chose Wilson Park, so this time we decided to switch things up and check out Downtown Fayetteville. More specifically, The Square. Sunday was unfortunately a little rainy and of course cloudy, but that didn’t stop us one bit! These two are so easy to work with, they are so comfortable with each other, and that is so important. I love when couples just know how to hold each other, or smile after a kiss, it is perfect. Matt and Haylee were my dream couple, I swear! They nailed every pose, I hardly had to direct them.

Of course when you’re downtown there are going to be cars and people, but we got a little lucky! There wasn’t a soul in sight, and occasionally we got a few cars that would pass by. One good thing about the rain was those clear umbrellas! I had been dying to use them and if this wasn’t the perfect opportunity! Matt is a little bit of a quite guy, but the way he looks at Haylee is so passionate, you just know how much he cares for her. When I told Haylee ‘let your eyes fall’ she did NOT disappoint, it’s like she was a professional at it or something. We were able to fight the rain and the cold for this gorgeous photoshoot. I absolutely love working with these two, they match each other so well and I adore it so much.


Hannah Sue Cousins

February 10, 2019

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