University of Arkansas | Jt + Emma

The beginning of November really gave us some gorgeous scenery to work with. The weather wasn’t cold just yet, but it also wasn’t the warmest! Emma reached out to me for a photoshoot and I was beyond excited, she is literally the sweetest. Then when she told me her and Jt wanted to bring their dog Owen for some, I was so ready for this session, how doesn’t love a cute puppy photoshoot?! Emma knew she wanted to take her pictures around the University of Arkansas, it was very pretty there, and on a Sunday, it wasn’t very busy! We met at Old Main to begin our session, Emma and Jt dressed perfectly, outfits coordinating and Owen being a very good boy.

These two have been together for a long time, which is so sweet. I love working with couples that have been through everything with each other. Jt and Emma met in 8th grade Y’all, it is 2019 now! Dakota and I have been together for seven years, so when I meet couples that have been with their significant other that long or longer, it is so easy to connect with them!

Emma is a close friend of Carina’s (Who is a close friend of mine and Dakotas) so we all chit chatted awhile before beginning the session. It is always nice to get a good conversation going with some friends, we were all comfortable with each other which made the session that much better! Jt was a little shy at first, but towards the end of session he started to warm up to us a bit. I love when clients have locations in mind, it gets me excited when their excited!

By November the leaves are usually all over the ground! Orange, yellow, and red leaves filled the background and made this Fall session BEAUTIFUL! We seen a lot of students taking their senior pictures, people walking and enjoying the somewhat nice weather before the winter hit us. Emma and Jt were so perfect when it come to posing, they just knew what to do and I was obsessed! You could just see the love between them, and have you see Emma’s gorgeous smile?! Holy moly.

I was using a new camera and a new lens for the first time, and I could not have been more satisfied! These photos turned out gorgeous. Our second location was perfect because there was no one around, we had the whole place to ourselves. Emma had one more location in mind, and since her car was the closest, we all jumped into her little car with Owen and took off!

Our last location just screamed Fall!! Beautiful trees everywhere, leaves covering the sidewalks, I could not have been more impressed. To my surprise, there was hardly anyone here as well! The sun was slowly setting so we wrapped up our session we just a few more shots. Owen had to have been the best model, I mean did you see how cute he was with his bandana? He didn’t bark or try to run off or anything! 10/10 would recommend Owen for any photoshoot.

Fun Fact: A little embarrassing but I called poor Jt, Tj most of the session!!



November 11, 2018

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