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Brett and Denalli’s wedding was a special one for Dakota and I. Dakota was the best man, while I had the opportunity to be the photographer. I want to start off by thanking these two, because not only had I not photographed a wedding in about two years, but they trust me with their big day! They gave me the chance to show off my work and to allow me that chance to add another wedding to my portfolio, so Brett and Denalli, if you are reading this, THANK YOU!

Dakota has been best friends with Brett forever, I’m honestly not sure how long! So for him to be able to stand by Brett on his big day was very honorable. These two have been apart our lives for some time now as well. I remember when I first started dating Dakota, I believe a year later I was able to meet all his friends, Brett being one of them. Denalli was always apart of the picture, and it was so nice for Dakota to have a friend with a girlfriend, I loved it! Denalli was so easy to get along with, she has such a kind heart and lets be honest, Dakota and Brett are a lot alike, so I understood her struggle!! Denalli is perfect for Brett, she has a good head on her shoulders and she’s so strong. I wish them both a strong and happy marriage, they both deserve so much!

These boys are seriously a handful Y’all! When I found out Brett and Denalli were engaged I was SO EXCITED! Dakota and I have been married since 2017, Brett was apart of our wedding, so I was so ready to be apart of theirs. I loved the fact that one of Dakotas friends would be married too. We are all growing up. I was even more excited when I was told the news about baby Lane!

The Wright Wedding wasn’t huge, it didn’t have to be! It consisted of family and friends that loved and cherished this wonderful couple. I was able to meet Denalli’s mom for the first time during the wedding, and Y’all, when I say she is the sweetest, I mean it!! I see why Denalli has such a good heart and is such a great friend and wife. During this time I got to meet Denalli’s Maid of Honor, Katelynn, such a great friend!! She did everything to make sure Denalli’s day was perfect. She even gave me a helping hand when I needed her to!

The start of the day consisted of everyone getting ready, Denalli and Katelynn were upstairs doing hair and makeup and Brett and Dakota were downstairs trying to figure out how to put on their boutonnieres! Let me tell you, that was a real task. Brett’s kept falling off, but no worries, we got it to stay put throughout the whole ceremony.

Brett and Denalli each had their best friend standing next to them at the alter, that was so special. They chose just one person each to be apart of their day. That is so meaningful because these friends have been apart of their lives and apart of their relationship for so long. As the ceremony began, the room filled with loved ones eager to see these two join together as one. Brett appeared to be nervous as he waiting for Denalli to begin walking down the aisle, I could just tell by the smile on his face during the first look that this was going to be one of the best days of his life.

Denalli walked down the aisle all smiles, her father lead her to the alter and gave her away to Brett. She looked SO beautiful in her dress, hair and makeup PERFECT!

After the ceremony everyone gathered together for the reception, hugs and congratulations were exchanged as everyone settled in. The cake was actually made by the owners of Audrey’s Wedding Chapel! It was gorgeous! These ladies decorated the reception area and helped throughout the whole day!

The reception was short and sweet, guests ate, the newly weds cut their cake as everyone gathered around to watch! Guests got a chance to get in a few pictures with the couple and towards the end the marriage certificate was officially signed!! Brett and Denalli are officially Mr. and Mrs. Wright!!




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